Hemp Bag of Pegs - Grade 201ss 1.75mm

Hemp Bag of Pegs - Grade 201ss 1.75mm

Wire Pegs

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These pegs come in a hemp bag; No plastic wrapping and are one continuous piece of wire.

These pegs from Wire Pegs are 5.8cm long and are grade 201 stainless steel wire that is 1.75mm thick.

This pack of pegs come with a nice double drawstring hemp bag. They don't break or fall apart, because the whole peg is made up out of just one single piece of wire. Be assured that they will still be there when all the wooden and plastic ones are gone.

A perfect addition to any Zero Waste household / laundry. Not only great for pegging out clothes but also great for around the kitchen, office, and loose parts play for the children. 

The grade 201ss pegs are for normal conditions only. If you want the luxury to leave them outside on the clothes line all the time and you live close to the ocean you should go for the better graded stainless steel wire like the 316 (marine grade), which you can also find here at Lepeda.

Grade 201 clothes pegs in a 1.75mm width and 5.8cm length in size are for standard washing in light/ normal conditions. If you're hanging out socks, underwear and T Shirts these are the pegs for you. If you live in an apartment or unit and have a balcony these are an ideal starter set. You might buy a few sturdier 2mm pegs for sheets, denim and heavier items.

We do not recommend you leave these pegs outside to avoid deterioration. If you want to leave pegs outside we recommend 316, marine grade stainless steel pegs.

Wire Pegs are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic clothes pegs that are durable and last! These stainless steel clothes pegs are available in different sizes, different strengths and different quality steel.

Stronger Pegs: If you live in a windy area, or want some strong pegs, you might want to consider buying the 2mm size pegs which are available in grades of steel 210 and 316.

Stainless Steel Peg Guide

Grade 201 Pegs: The 201 grade stainless steel pegs are standard pegs. They come in 1.75mm width for normal conditions and light clothes and 2mm diameter steel for windy conditions and heavier garments. Use the 1.75mm pegs for socks, t shirts and light clothes. If you are hanging sheets and towels we recommend sturdier pegs so go for the 201 pegs with a 2mm diameter. We do not recommend you leave these pegs outside as they will corrode over time. If you wish to leave outside look at the 316 marine grade stainless steel pegs. Great if you have an apartment, balcony or unit. Perfect to get started with stainless steel pegs.



Grade 316 Pegs: The toughest steel that won't corrode in even the harshest environment. Marine grade steel is designed for salty conditions so you can leave outside and they won't corrode. These are available in two strengths, 1.7mm and 2mm. If you live by the ocean these pegs are for you.