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Wooden Blocks Komodo 34pcs Set
Wooden Blocks Komodo 34pcs Set

Wooden Blocks Komodo 34pcs Set


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The box contains 34 pieces of wooden building bricks. 28 regular sized and 6 half sized wooden bricks enclosed with a little inspirational booklet to built figures more easy and some 'eye' stickers to give built figures a more lively look. The stickers and the design of the cube are the only differences to our other 34pc MOKULOCK set.

Package size: 7 cm x 7 cm x 6,5 cm
Block size regular: 16 mm x 32 mm x 13 mm
Block size half: 16 mm x 16 mm x 13 mm


Each brick is simply carved out from a solid piece of wood. No surface finishing oil, chemical, paint, or glue is used. Simple building bricks that can be used to create an limitless number of open ended creations. These wooden building bricks are ideal to be used at early childhood educational centres.

Mokulock is a company founded in Yamagata, Japan producing beautiful wooden interlocking building blocks. 

The unchanging lifestyle of co-existing with nature nearby and depending on resources produced through cultivating the forest is still rooted in everyday life for many in Japan. This concept is also true for the Mokulock building blocks. Since trees cannot thrive when they grow so close together in the mountains, some trees in Yamagata are carefully cut down in winter using the snow as a cushion. These trees cut down for forest thinning as well as ones unsuited for architecture or furniture uses are made into the very Mokulock wooden building blocks you find in each set.

Wooden blocks filled with natural charm
Mokulock is made from pure wood with many known benefits such as being warm to the touch, have a comforting aroma and is naturally beautiful in colour and texture. Wood is believed in Japan to have a comforting effect similar to bathing in the forest by stabilising the autonomic nerves by lowering the blood pressure, regulating an abnormal pulse and calming the nerves. A solid block of wood also inspires creativity in every man, woman or child and so by turning this solid block of wood into small building blocks which can be put together to create something great gives one a sense of accomplishment by creating something out of seemingly nothing.